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Roll over Beethoven, because the greatest tribute to Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra is here! In an all live show featuring soaring strings, striking vocal harmonies and playing all the much loved songs from ELO’s hit-filled library including Evil Woman, Telephone Line and Don’t Bring Me Down. The ELO Encounter tribute band promises a night filled with rock, roll and Blue Skies that would make even Mozart mambo and Bach boogie! So Hold On Tight because Rock and Roll Is King in a show that is guaranteed to have you partying All Over The World.
As a recent reviewer remarked, “Not really a tribute, that cheapens what this band do, which is to transport you back to those days. So sensitively and authentically done, at times it felt like it was actually ELO being mirrored up there on the stage”.
That's what The ELO Encounter tribute show is all about.


ELO Encounter Band | ELO Tribute
The ELO Encounter represents the coming together of some of the finest professional musicians in the UK, with one goal in mind, to create the ultimate live tribute to the brilliant music of Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra. The band are all huge fans of ELO's music and dedicate themselves to accurately and faithfully reproducing all of ELO's classic hits.
ELO Encounter - Jack Rownes

Jack Rownes – vocals/keys


Jack is The ELO Encounter’s Singer and Pianist. He is self taught, and started teaching himself when he was 18. He is quick learner and now plays in theatres and bands around Essex, including the Blues Brothers Experience and Up2Eleven, as well as teaching at The Rock Project in Colchester.

Jack has always loved the music of ELO, with the amazing string arrangements and synthesizers being his favorite parts.

ELO Encounter - Martin Donald

Martin Donald – guitar/vocals


Life in music has provided Martin with some unique experiences and memories that have included radio, theatre, touring, writing and teaching plus numerous television shows. He’s had the good fortune to play with many talented artists and in situations as diverse as the QE2 and The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. A small selection of highlights have included Jimmy Ruffin, The Drifters, The Honeycombs, Freddie Cole (Nat’s brother!), Bob Monkhouse, Little & Large and many musicals from Cats to Cabaret. Work at The Barbican with The Royal Shakespeare Company and television on The Frank Skinner show as a Skinnerette has also kept him on his toes!

Dacre Peck - ELO Encounter Tribute

Dacre Peck – drums/vocals


Brought up in a musical family, Dacre “The Baron” Peck has been performing on stage from an early age. A passion for drumming was fired up by his early influences, Rush, Genesis, Yes, Queen, Supertramp and of course ELO – and this moulded his drumming style and the type of bands he spent many years gigging and recording with. After a number of years away from the music scene to raise a family, the last fifteen years has seen Dacre forge ahead with his career in music, becoming a full-time musician and freelance music tutor. He works with local youth projects delivering music workshops in Community Education Centres, Pupil Referral Units and local schools and has worked with kids with special needs and vulnerable adults.
Joining ELO Encounter held many challenges not least filling the considerably talented shoes of his predecessor, Simon Dove! It's a privilege and an honour to take over the seat from such an accomplished musician… Such a brilliant band to be a part of! Come and see for yourselves!!

Ben Bevan and Simon | ELO Encounter Tribute

Simon Rownes – bass/vocals


Simon studied bass at BassTech in London and took private lessons with Joe Hubbard. His first professional work was with a Rock ’N Roll trio called the Rockabilly Rebels, touring throughout the UK.

He later played with a number of original bands including The Human Zoo, playing the London club scene. Simon has recently been touring the UK theatres with The Blues Brothers Experience.

He has been a life-long fan of ELO, and playing alongside Bev Bevan was an encounter he will never forget. Simon's the one on the right 🙂

Jasmine Ali | ELO Encounter | ELO Tribute

Jasmine Ali – violin/vocals


Originally from Wakefield but now based in London, I have been dedicated to my “musical self” for as long as I can remember! With classical training in Piano, Violin and Bflat Cornet, I have worked in instrumental ensembles, function bands, original bands and also in stage productions. This experience has led to solo vocal performances in the West End and also lead pianist parts in theatre productions.
The Violin has always been a great love. After a year playing with Highbury Strings, I joined the North London Symphony Orchestra in 2010 and perform in concert with them three times a year. This in turn has led to annual performances in Sicily with Peter Fender's South London Sinfonietta. I am also a recurring cast member in the hugely popular and successful You Me Bum Bum Train shows.
My main passion however is Covers and Function work – there is nothing like seeing that face that shouts “I LOOOVE THIS SONG!!”.

ELO Encounter - Ezme Cello

Ezme – cello/vocals


Ezme is a very talented cellist, vocalist and performer.
She has been touring theatres in the UK and abroad as a professional musician since 2008 with her own show called Bowangles, combining music, movement and comedy.
She is a big ELO fan and really brings the classic attacking cello sound to The ELO Encounter, with all the energy and movement of the original performances.
She works closely with Jasmine to provide the beautifully authentic string sound of the show and deliver vocal backdrops that are so much a part of the ELO sound.

Henry Rownes | ELO Encounter | ELO Tribute

Henry Rownes – sound/lights/bass dep


Henry was the youngest member of The ELO Encounter until Max joined, but is definitely no stranger to the stage, having toured with The Blues Brothers Experience over the last 2 years.
Henry is currently studying for a degree in Contemporary Music at the Colchester Institute, but still finds time to tour with The ELO Encounter and play in other local bands.
He is an avid ELO fan, ELO being one of the first bands that sparked his love for music. Given his family connections, it was probably inevitable he would develop a love for the music of The Electric Light Orchestra.
Henry can typically be found behind the mixing / lighting desks and running AV projections for the show, but he is also a talented bass player and singer, providing bass/vocals cover for the show. Is there no beginning to his talents!

Max Rownes - ELO Encounter

Max Rownes – photography/graphics


Max Rownes is the fourth of the Rownes family, and the youngest member of the ELO Encounter Tribute band.
As a photographer he has a keen eye for the arts, making the posters and videos for the band. He also takes most of the photographs you see on the ELO Encounter Facebook page and website.

ELO Encounter Tribute | Simon Dove Drum Smile

Simon Dove – drums (in memoriam)


We recently lost Simon to cancer, he was a great friend, musician and father. He was a founding member of the band and we all miss him and his wonderful smile.

I have been playing the drums since I was 11 yrs of age, my mothers biscuit tins took a real battering i’m afraid. Im self taught, spending my youth locked away in my bedroom playing along to anything from Genesis to Frank Sinatra!
Since those days I’ve played in many bands including a Police tribute, a successful 60’s covers band, and I dep for colleagues bands. So I’m lucky to play a wide selection of music genres. I have been a DJ for some 40yrs. and still doing that at a local night club and I’m also a presenter on a local radio station which I really enjoy.
Being asked to play drums for the ELO Encounter was a real privilege as I have always loved the music of Jeff Lynne and ELO. It was an honour play alongside Bev Bevan last year, at the time he was playing for The Move. Those ELO tunes are etched on everyone’s memory and to play them live is a great opportunity.

ELO Encounter Tribute Band

The ELO Encounter – ELO Tribute Show


Greater that the sum of it's parts, The ELO Encounter recreates the experience of an Electric Light Orchestra concert from the heydays of Jeff Lynne's ELO. A truly out of this world tribute show, both musically and visually, including all of the fantastic ELO hitsSo come along and see The ELO Encounter live, you won't be disappointed!


Our upcoming live shows are listed here.